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Laserline Car Alarm Systems and Car Accessories Guide

With the growing incidence of automobile theft, people are simply searching for ways and means to keep their automobile safe. Of course, they want to also prevent their cars from falling into the hands of car thieves. With this notion, Italy produced the Laserline car alarms systems. This brings a number of the most superb alternatives for vehicle security readily available in the market today.

Aside from car alarms, Laserline also provides security for motorcycles and trucks. They also promote car accessories such as electric windows, central locking systems and hands free kits for mobile phones. Laserline also engineered car alarms systems that will grant you and your valued car optimum safety and great value for your hard earned money.

Whether your automobile has two or four wheels, Laserline have technologically advanced alarm systems. This is to match your budget while giving you confidence on your car’s protection and safety. Aside from the vehicle door switches, the trunk and hood portion of the car are still the trendy method of securing an automobile. Laserline vehicle security systems provide interior sensors that activate your car alarm if the other switches become inactive. Its capacity to sense motion inside or near your car can hinder an auto thief from even breaking into your car.

You can contact us at:
Laserline S.p.A Limited
Tel: 01925 265252
Fax: 01925 210954

Laserline Car Alarms Reviews

213 Car Alarm
Laserline Car Alarm Systems - Laserline 213
  • Panic facility
  • Passive arming
  • Lifetime product warranty
290i2 Car Alarm
Laserline Car Alarm Systems - Laserline 290i2
  • Pin code override facility
  • Flashing L.E.D
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors
290 24V Car Alarm
Laserline Car Alarm Systems - Laserline 290 24V
  • Panic facility
  • Flashing interior L.E.D
  • Single circuit immobilizer
921T 24V Car Alarm
Laserline Car Alarm Systems - Laserline 921T 24V
  • Automatic Immobilization
  • Heavy duty immobilization relays
  • Pin code override facility

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