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Buying Car Alarm Systems Tips

A car alarm's sole purpose is to protect your investment, not only in your automobile and your mobile electronics, but in your personal safety as well. Anyone interested in buying a car alarm has already proven themselves to be a prudent car owner. At, we offer top-notch car alarm systems from such proven and credible sources as Astra and Galaxy. When it comes to protecting your automobile from unsavory elements, no other online vendor's selection surpasses our own.

Here are some alarm system features to watch for, and some trouble areas to avoid:

  • Make sure the alarm shuts itself off after two or three minutes.
  • Look for a system that has a starter disabler.
  • See whether the system will arm itself even if there is a faulty switch.
  • Make sure there is both hood and trunk protection.
  • Look for a system that allows you to silence the "chirp" that occurs when you arm or disarm the system.
  • Try to get a system that will ignore a false-alarm trigger by bypassing a sensor that sets the system off repeatedly during a certain time period.
  • Look for a system whose shock sensor can be adjusted—an "adjustable dual-stage shock sensor" is good to have--so your alarm won’t go off every time a squirrel jumps on your car or a teenager leans against it.
  • Check whether you system will allow you to add certain features, such as a keyless trunk release.

Check whether the system includes an "anti-scan" capability, which will stop thieves from trying endless numbers of codes to try to bypass your security code.

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