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Car Alarms and Security – High Tech & Savvy Gadgets

Sunday Dec 26, 2010

Given the kind of crime situation today a car alarm is always a good idea to scare off intended burglaries. Car alarms provide the much needed security to one of your most prized possessions. If you have to park your car outside for lack of a garage or even at other unknown locations, a car alarm will sound off immediately if anyone with the wrong intentions fiddles around.

An unprotected car may become the target for scoundrels. One sure way to avoid it is to fit your car with an alarm system that triggers off attention and action to safeguard the vehicle. For the best security you need to deploy remote start alarms that may be really high tech gadgets. You might need to look around to find one that suits your car and your pocket. Be warned though many cars are gone because of faulty car alarm systems.

Many thefts occur due to negligence in choosing the right kind of alarm system. Being prepared is the next best thing to do. Stay well equipped to avoid the avoidable. Cars are just out there and simply the easiest thing to steal. They can be dismantled and sold off part by part without any body getting the wiser. That’s why you need to install security systems to provide the best possible scare off to anybody venturing close to your car.

For efficient systems nothing like remote start car alarms that are pretty high – tech and most advanced trigger offs for safe keep of vehicles. With anti-scan features and anti-grab technology thieves can not even see the insides, leave alone the possibility of opening it. It works by offering various customizable features that make it friendly to users with its ease and simplicity in usage.
What happens here is that the controls having bright LCD display shows owner’s status reports all the time. At all places. And they work in all weather conditions too. Its ability to work on all makes of cars providing maximum security makes it a hot buy. With car snatchers always around you are more than prepared to deal with them with this kind of alarm system.

Protecting cars from thieves has never been easier. Apart from common sense the car alarm is the next best thing to take care of your vehicle. Very effective in controlling thefts, the car alarm can be installed in no time. If you go for the alarm with GPS then you are in the big league. It’s a high tech gadget that does away with the risk and stress of having to look into the possibility of a car theft. Even if it gets snatched be sure with a GPS you would be able to track it down before the worse can happen.

Satellite communication relays vehicle location data to keep monitoring the situation via GPS receivers in your vehicles. Car alarms with GPS allow you to gain you power over the situation. Plus the range of additional functions may even help you apprehend the culprit effectively. It’s a useful thing that works well and you may want it for your vehicle.

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Car Siren – The most Important Accessory

Thursday Dec 2, 2010

The car alarm is an important device for car, which was introduced to car owners in 1970s. The man behind its invention is still unknown. But, it is said that the first alarm reported in the press in 1920 was invented by a man from Nebraska. He had created a car horn for his own car that worked out quite well. Since then, the car alarm is being used quite frequently. Today, it has become the most essential device for a car and car owners, as it guards the major investment of an individual.

With the change of time, the car alarm has also gone through so many changes, which has resulted into different types of car alarms with various accessories. The accessories of car alarm play a major role, as they enhance the basic functionalities of this unique system.

The most essential accessory of a car alarm is special gears such as siren. Siren is considered the most powerful feature of car alarm. It is nothing but the high pitched sound that is usually created by alarm system, when required. It is not just one sound that siren usually has, in fact there are many different sounds that vary from product to product. For example, it generally ranges from deafening volumes to realistic human voices, which include the message of thievery.

Siren in any car alarm system is considered so important because this is only the feature that prevents our car from theft with the help of essential sounds.

There are many different car alarm models, which include more than one siren, that offer you an opportunity of sound selection as per your like and dislike. The other benefit of this is that the car owner can also keep changing siren to avoid familiarity from thieves.

The car alarm is a collection of sensors that is associated to a siren. It is usually wired with a switch on the side of driver in such a way that an unauthorized force opening can ring the sirens. This is the reason why, a car alarm system with the help of siren does its work so effectively.

Although, all modern car models have an alarm system with different siren, you can surely get a new siren of your choice, for that you may either need to customize it or buy it separately.

If wish to buy a good siren for you car alarm then, this information can help you till some extent. There are many different manufacturers of car sirens that produce its many different models. One of the best models that I can suggest you includes – car alarm siren GB-43 by Ningbo china. This is a cheap model of siren with high quality that proves to be quite helpful when required. This is a waterproof product that includes features like – 1 or 6 tone melodic, power: 15/20/25W, Imped: 4/6 /8ohm, voltage: DC 6-15V.

Current: 600/800/1200mA, Sound: 1 OR 6 TONE melodic, dB/M: 110/115/120dB, Material: ABS, Color: Black. This is in fact the best option for those, who are looking for good quality alarm siren at the most affordable rates.

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Car Alarm Batteries – Important Accessory

Thursday Dec 2, 2010

There are many sources through which, your car alarm can work but most importantly, the source of power that you must use along with other sources is a battery. I will always suggest you to buy an alarm with a battery. The reason behind it is, if a thief is targeting your vehicle and he has very smartly turned off your car’s battery’s power then all the sources that might make your car alarm ring will not work and the thief will succeed in his aim. But, if you don’t want something like this to be happen then there is only one way and that is to buy a good quality battery car alarm or if not, you can buy an individual battery and install it on you car alarm.

Now, take a look at what a car alarm battery does, when all the sources become useless, the hidden battery inside the alarm is still on and is doing its work. So, when the thief touches your car with wrong intensions, the car alarm with great help of its battery produces high-volume sound and also flashes the vehicle’s lights, which end up protecting your car.

Not only this, the maintenance of car alarm also completely depends upon the good maintenance of its battery. For example: to have good life of your car alarm, you need to make sure that the car’s battery contacts are clean.

As the car alarm battery plays quite an import role, the manufacturers have also understood its importance and produce all types of cheap to expensive batteries of good quality, so people from all standard can afford it.

Still the quality and durability of the battery differs from brand to brand. Hence, make sure that you buy one from renowned brand to worth your money. Some of the most popular brand to go with includes – Panasonic, Duracell, Camelion, Varta and Energizer.

After checking brands, come models of the battery. There are various models’ batteries of same brands available in the market. Therefore, you should study well about a particular model and then buy it. According to me, one that you can any time choose without any hesitation is Duracell Car Alarm Alkaline battery 6V Pack of 1 MN9100. This specialist electronic battery by Duracell is pretty suitable for car alarms. The effective feature of this excellent model includes – 6 V Alkaline chemistry battery and Long-lasting power.

Other than this, I can suggest you a line of new alkaline batteries by Panasonic, which particularly use advanced materials that not only increase their quality but also their service life up to 160%. These batteries from Panasonic have been invented keeping the demand of the high drain digital products like car alarm.

So, when buying a battery from the market for your car alarm, must check these models, they may help you reaching the right selection and will certainly worth your money. And if not, still need not bother there are many other good models of the car alarm battery available in the market to choose from.

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